Director's Excellence Award

  • Purpose and Criteria: This award is supported by the CNLM Director’s Excellence Fund, which provides support to the CNLM’s most pressing research, training and community outreach priorities. The award will be presented to an outstanding graduate student or postdoctoral fellow to recognize their extraordinary achievement in research, mentoring and/or service to the CNLM.

  • Eligibility: Awardees are selected by the director and are not open to nominations.

  • Awards available: 1 or more $1,000 awards

2024 Recipients

Gimarie Irizarry Martinez

(Advisor: Dr. Michael Yassa)
"Fostering the next generation of puertorriqueños in neuroscience"

2023 Recipients


Raymond Villareal

(Advisor: Dr. Susanne Jaeggi)
"Being absent does not mean being behind"

2022 Recipients

CNLM Award Recipient, Caden Henningfield

Caden Henningfield

(Advisor: Dr. Kim Green)
"Targeting a specific microglial subpopulation in Alzheimer's disease"

CNLM Award Recipient, Miranda Chappel-Farley

Miranda Chappel-Farley

(Advisor: Dr. Michael Yassa)
"Can exercise support memory through improving sleep?"

2021 Recipients

Natalie DiProspero

(Advisor: Dr. Michael Yassa)
"Alzheimer’s disease and Down syndrome: Breaking free from the catch-22"

Jessica Noche Lingad

(Advisor: Dr. Craig Stark)
"Investigating the role of neuroinflammation in Alzheimer's disease"