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Who We Are

The SoCal Youth Neuroscience Association's vision is to be a platform for high school students to learn, participate, and grow as aspiring neuroscientists. The mission of SCYNA is to establish a community of neuroscience students to further their interest and passion in neuroscience and to fuel a fascination for the brain in the curious minds of younger children.

Who We Are

Our Initiatives

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What does a SCYNA Member do? 

  • Interact with UCI faculty and students to learn about neuroscience and careers in neuroscience

  • Participate in debates, friendly competitions and journal clubs

  • Teach younger kids about the brain and brain diseases

  • Participate in UCI lab tours

  • Engage in hands-on activities at UCI including dissections, neuroscience experiments and more!

  • Connect with other high schoolers who are interested in neuroscience!

Past Events

Brain Awareness Week 2021!

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