Partnering to bring intellectual activities to UCI

Interdisciplinary Brain Activities

Over the last few years, the CNLM has partnered with several campus organizations to bring interdisciplinary brain activities to faculty and students at UCI. Below are some examples of these activities:


Joint Symposium: Physical Exercise and Brain Health

In partnership with the UCI Exercise Medicine and Sport Sciences Initiative (EMSSI)

March 2, 2017
Arnold and Mabel Beckman Center of the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering


Joint Symposium: Memory and Meaning

In partnership with the Humanities Commons, School of Humanities

April 28-29, 2017
Herklotz Conference Facility

synergistic activities 2016-19

Joint Course: The Science of Acting (Drama 135)

In partnership with the Claire Trevor School of the Arts

Fall 2017
The CNLM and the Claire Trevor School of the Arts formed a partnership in the fall of 2017 to create a new cross-disciplinary course to explore the role of neurobiology in performing arts.


synergistic activities 2016-19

Joint Program: Why Our Brains Love Story

In partnership with the Claire Trevor School of the Arts and UCI Illuminations
November 13, 2018
Herklotz Conference Facility


Neuro-Art Symposium - Emodiology: From Ancestral Movement-Music Practices to Phenomenal Being - Abstract image of elongated woman in front of moon

Neuro-Art Symposium

In partnership with the Claire Trevor School of the Arts, Institute for 21st Century Creativity, Susan Samueli Institute for Integrative Health; Africana Institute for Creativity Recognition and Elevation; Pediatric Exercise and Genomics Research Center, and Center for Integrative Movement Sciences, Chancellor’s Illuminations, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and the Office of Inclusive Excellence.

December 2, 2021
Virtual Event


synergistic activities 2016-19

Joint Colloquia

The CNLM frequently co-sponsors and co-hosts colloquia