High-impact high-reward pilot grant program for neurobiology

About the High-Risk, High-Reward Pilot Program

The Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory supports one-year pilot project awards of up to $25,000 to support high-risk, high-reward research advancing our understanding of learning and memory and/or memory disorders. The program is funded by the generosity of our philanthropic community.

This pilot program is intended to support interdisciplinary, collaborative, early stage and proof-of-concept research with clear milestones and future funding mechanisms. Applications from early-stage investigators and new interdisciplinary collaborative teams will be prioritized. Investigators from backgrounds historically underrepresented in science are strongly encouraged to apply.

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The High-Impact, High-Reward Pilot Program is made possible by the generosity of our community. The High Impact Research Program supports innovative high-risk, high-reward research. This is the kind of research that has the potential to accelerate transformational, rather than incremental discovery.