Jared M. Roberts Memorial Graduate Student Award

Purpose and Criteria: The Jared M. Roberts Memorial Travel Award was set up in 2017 by friends, family members, and colleagues to honor the contributions of Jared M. Roberts, who conducted his graduate studies at the CNLM. The award will be presented to an outstanding graduate student in neuroscience to assist him/her in attending the annual Winter Neurobiology of Learning and Memory Meeting at Park City, UT. The student must prepare an abstract and plan on presenting their research at the Park City meeting. The purpose of the award is to defray the student’s registration and travel costs to the meeting.

Eligibility: Must be a graduate student who is in the laboratory of a CNLM Fellow on the UCI campus.

Awards available: 2 or more $1,000 awards (including match by Graduate Division)

Requirements: CV/resume (max 2 pages), unofficial transcript, and personal statement addressing research accomplishments, experience, and how the student will benefit from travel and presenting at Park City (500 words)

Read more about Jared and his work here


CNLM Award Recipient, Rajat Saxena

Rajat Saxena

(Advisor: Dr. Bruce L. McNaughton)
"Lifelong learning in the brain"

CNLM Award Recipient, Maricela Martinez

Maricela Martinez

 (Advisor: Dr. Stephen Mahler)
"Grass is less green: how adolescent THC exposure affects risky decision-making"

CNLM Award Recipient, Jacob Rounds

Jacob Rounds

(Advisor: Dr. Marcelo Wood)
"This is your brain on drugs"

CNLM Award Recipient, Bianca Leonard

Bianca Leonard

(Advisor: Dr. Michael Yassa)
"Your teenager's brain is pretty emotional"


Cassie Kooiker

(Advisor: Dr. Tallie Z Baram)
"The Paraventricular Thalamus: A sensor & integrator of emotionally salient early-life experiences"

Desiree Macchia

(Advisor: Dr. Kevin Beier)
"Mapping brain circuits of Alzheimer's disease"

Daniel Rindner

(Advisor: Dr. Gyorgy Lur)
"How neurons keep from getting overwhelmed"

Alexandria Weaver

(Advisor: Dr. Susanne Jaeggi)
"Keeping the mind sharp is music to my ears"



Negin Sattari Barabadi

(Advisor: Dr. Sara Mednick)
"Sex and age effects on sleep-related memory formation"

Sandra Gattas

(Advisor: Dr. Michael Yassa)
"How the brain keeps record of similar but separate memories"

Elizabeth Hubbard

(Advisor: Dr. Kevin T. Beier)
"Opioid withdrawal induces brain changes that contribute to drug relapse"


Sophia Levis

(Advisors: Dr. Tallie Z. Baram/Dr. Stephen Mahler)
"Effects of early life adversity on opioid addiction vulnerability"


Natalie DiProspero

Her research focuses on predicting Alzheimer's disease in people with Down Syndrome.


Freddie Marquez

His research focused on understanding the early mechanisms that contribute to Alzheimer’s disease.