Public Impact Award

In 2022, the CNLM Award Ceremony will include faculty awards. Nominations can be made by anyone in the CNLM community (self-nominations are not permitted). Co-nomination by multiple individuals permitted. These awards are an opportunity for the CNLM community to recognize the contributions of our incredible CNLM Faculty Fellows.

  • Purpose and Criteria: The Public Impact Award recognizes a CNLM Fellow who is actively engaged in translating research discoveries to have meaningful impact on the community. 
  • Eligibility: Must be a current and active CNLM Fellow.
  • Requirements: Nomination statement summarizing the nominee’s qualifications for this award (no more than two pages) and nominee’s CV.


Judith Kroll
Distinguished Professor
School of Education


Christie Fowler Professor Neurobiology and Behavior

Christie Fowler
Neurobiology and Behavior

CNLM Faculty Award Recipient, Tallie Z Baram

Tallie Z Baram
Distinguished Professor
Pediatrics, Anatomy & Neurobiology, and Neurology