Carol and James McGaugh Award

Purpose and Criteria: In memory of Carol McGaugh and to honor Dr. James McGaugh, the Carol and James McGaugh Award was established in 2018 by daughter Janice McGaugh Morrow and son-in-law William Morrow. The award recognizes a hard-working student completing their 3rd year in the School of Biological Sciences with a strong moral character, integrity, and demonstrated potential for making a difference in neuroscience. Preference will be given to a first-generation student. The recipient will be additionally recognized at the School of Biological Sciences' Undergraduate Honors Convocation Ceremony.

Eligibility: Must be a UCI undergraduate in Biological Sciences and completing his or her third year of studies.

Awards available: 1 or more $1,000 awards

Requirements: CV/resume (max 2 pages), unofficial transcript, personal statement addressing academic and research experience, commitment to the field of neuroscience, as well as evidence of strong moral resolve and ability to overcome obstacles (500 words).

Past Recipients


Joshuah Arellano

Joshuah Arellano

(Advisor: Dr. Christie Fowler)

Nolee Bugarin

(Advisor: Dr. Gyorgy Lur)



Julie Loritsch

(Advisor: Dr. Michael Yassa)
"Remembering hippocampal subfield changes in adults with Down syndrome"


CNLM Award Recipient, Kayla Solorio
Kayla Solorio

(Advisor: Dr. Javier Diaz Alonso)
"Understanding how AMPAR synapses alter behavior in mice"


Avril Stulginski

(Advisor: Dr. Karina Cramer)
"Reducing caspase-3 activity in the auditory brainstem leads to disrupted neural circuitry in both a cell-autonomous and non-cell-autonomous manner"


Jennifer Truong

(Advisor: Dr. Susanne Jaeggi)
"Can we improve our vision by training our visual working memory?"


Mona Fariborzi 

Her research focuses on how stress induces persistent loss of communication between cortical regions.


Keshav Suresh

His research was focused on astrocytes as a potential player in stress-induced brain plasticity.