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ADHD Intervention Study (Primary Investigator: Dr. Susanne Jaeggi)

  • Study Description:  UC Irvine's Working Memory and Plasticity Lab is offering an intervention for children aged 7-14 with a diagnosis of ADHD. Our aim is to improve study skills and motivation through group-based discussion, art projects, videos, and more!
  • Number of Sessions: 6
  • Compensation: $20 plus free parking
  • Contact: Nina Ozbardakci at or (949) 824-6716
  • UCI IRB Approved: HS# 2015-2196


Design and Evaluation of Support Systems for People with Dementia (Lead Researcher: Jazette Johnson)

  • Study Description: This research study is about understanding the experiences of people with dementia and their caregivers in support groups and their use of technology. This study may help us to better understand how we can design online support groups to supplement
  • Number of sessions: 1
  • Compensation: $30
  • Contact: Jazette Johnson at or (562)315-8402
  • UCI IRB Approved: HS# 2019-8402

MRI and PET biomarkers for cognitive decline in older adults (Principal Investigator: Dr. Michael Yassa)

  • Study Description:  This study is enrolling adults aged 60-85 who do not have a diagnosis of cognitive impairment. The purpose of the study is to understand the factors that underlie changes in thinking and memory with increasing age. We will test the usefulness of MRI, PET, and cognitive testing in detecting subtle changes in the brain that precede cognitive decline.
  • Number of sessions: 2-5
  • Compensation: Up to $650
  • Contact: Mr. Blake Miranda at (949)-824-0904 or
  • UCI IRB Approved: HS# 2017-3832

Effects of TDCS on Younger/Older Adults (Principal Investigator: Dr. Susanne Jaeggi)

  • Study Description:  The Working Memory and Plasticity Lab is investigating the effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on Working Memory in both younger and older adults. The purpose of this experiment is to detect potential increase in learning across different cognitive domains.
  • Number of sessions: 7 total, following an alternating-day schedule.
  • Compensation: $80 for completing all training sessions and $20 for a one-month follow-up.
  • Contact: or (949) 824-2439
  • UCI IRB Approved: 2014-1219

Memory and Video Games Study (Principal Investigator: Dr. Craig Stark)

  • Study Description:  This study is investigating how video games can influence memory, cognition and brain, using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Participants must be 60-75 years of age, speak English and be right-handed. Participants may not have neurological or cognitive impairments.
  • Number of sessions: 8
  • Compensation: $300 for completion of all sessions. Parking permit provided.
  • Contact: or (949) 824-4230.
  • UCI IRB Approved: HS# 2013-9925

Older Adult Behavioral Study (Principal Investigator Dr. Michael Yassa)

  • Study Description:  We are looking for healthy adults age 60 and older to participate in computerized studies of memory and cognition.
  • Number of sessions: 1 (1-2 hours)
  • Compensation: $15 for the first hour, $5 for each additional 20 minutes. Additionally, we will reimburse for travel costs up to $15.
  • Contact: Ms. Liv McMillan at or (949)-824-0314
  • UCI IRB Approved: HS# 2014-1161

Older Adult Memory Study (Principal Investigator: Dr. Susanne Jaeggi)

  • Study Description:  The purpose of this research project is to study the effects memory training on brain function in healthy older adults. We will rely on tablet-based applications designed to train memory functions and investigate biomarkers before and after training to determine the underlying neural mechanisms of training. This study is for adults ages 65-85.
  • Number of sessions: 5 over the course of 1 year, plus 20 in-home training sessions (20 minutes each) on tablet provided by the laboratory
  • Compensation: $140 for training sessions and $20 for each follow-up session (3 total)
  • Contact: or (949) 824-2439
  • UCI IRB Approved: 2014-1165

Tablet Training  (Principal Investigator: Dr. Susanne Jaeggi)

  • Study Description:  The Working Memory and Plasticity Lab is currently recruiting participants for a tablet experiment, consisting various games that test your cognitive abilities.
  • Number of sessions: 2-3
  • Compensation: $20-$25.
  • Contact: or (949) 824-2439
  • UCI IRB Approved: 2014-1547