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Please note: The NeuroScholars Program is temporarily on hold. Explore other ways to get involved by visiting the CNLM Ambassadors or Nu Rho Psi websites.

Are you an undergraduate student at UCI?

Do you have a passion for learning about the brain?

Learn more about the UCI NeuroScholars Program!

UCI Neuroscience Research Lab with Sunil Gandhi
Sunil Gandhi assists research neuroscience student
UCI Neuroscience students in research lab exploring ways to improve learning and memory

About the NeuroScholars Program

The NeuroScholars Program was designed to enrich the upper-division undergraduate research experience at UCI. Students admitted to the program have access to a vibrant, inclusive community with the following opportunities:

  • Engage in faculty-mentored research
  • Gain course-based laboratory training in advanced topics
  • Support each other through peer mentoring
  • Network with industry leaders for internships
  • Learn about entrepreneurship

The program is open to undergraduate and transfer students from all majors, schools, and disciplines. The program is currently a one-year commitment but will develop into a two-year commitment in the coming years. This year the program is supporting 25 students with plans to expand to more than 50 in the coming years.

NeuroScholars Team


How it Works

The NeuroScholars Program helps bypass some of the hurdles a student faces when looking to gain research and work experience in brain-related fields. The program was built to support participants in the following areas:


Program participants learn specialized research skills in a lab course offered only through this program. They then have the opportunity to connect with faculty researchers. This process prepares students for an active role in a lab and in applying for grant funding to conduct their own research.


The NeuroScholars Program has created a student community that is excited to support each other’s pursuit of excellence in research and that represents the rich diversity of the UCI undergraduate population.


NeuroScholar participants learn from each other and the community of mentors who are committed to their success. The NeuroScholar external advisors help connect the students to internal and external resources, such as internship and training opportunities.

Sunil Gandhi Headshot

Sunil Gandhi, PhD

Associate Professor
Neurobiology and Behavior
Associate Director
Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

Pavan Kadandale Headshot

Pavan Kadandale, PhD

Associate Professor 
Dept. of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
Faculty Advisor
UCI First-Generation Student Group

External Advisors

Roger Liu, PhD

Associate Adjunct Professor
Family Medicine
PRIME-LC Residency Program

Said M. Shokair Headshot

Said M. Shokair

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)
Division of Undergraduate Education

Industry Apprenticeship Advisor

Ursula V Staubli Headshot

Ursula Staubli, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty
Former Senior Research Investigator