Featured in the news: 60 Minutes

60minsRecently, several of our Fellows were featured on CBS's 60 minutes. Links to the video pieces are below:
Dr. James L. McGaugh - Memory Wizards
Dr. Claudia Kawas - Living to 90 and Beyond
Dr. Larry Cahill - Drugs can affect men and women differently
Dr. James L. McGaugh - The Gift of Endless Memory

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Recent News

10/2016 Mars mission astronauts could experience brain damage, study says Featuring Charles Limoli's research 

10/2016 Why a mission to Mars could harm astronauts' health  Featuring Charles Limoli's research 

09/2016 - Bruce McNaughton inducted to the Royal Society of Canada 

08/2016 - UCI study uncovers new molecular signaling mechanisms for correcting childhood visual disorders - Featuring research from Xiangmin Xu and Sunil Gandhi

07/2016 - Selective retention of positive information may be marker for elderly memory loss - Featuring Michael Yassa's research 

04/2016 - UCI study finds safer stem cell-derived therapy for brain radiation recovery - Featuring Charles Limoli's research 

04/2016 - Is Superior Memory Really a Form of OCD? - Featuring James L. McGaugh's research 

03/2016 - Forget About It: Your Middle-Aged Brain Is Not On The Decline - Featuring Susanne Jaeggi's research

02/2016 - PBS NOVA Memory Hackers - Featuring James L. McGaugh's research 

01/2016 - The blessing and curse of the people who never forget - Featuring Craig Stark's research 

01/2016 - Put the cellphone away! Fragmented baby care can affect brain development - Featuring Tallie Z. Baram's research

01/2016 - Christie Fowler: Addicted to Research - Featuring Christie Fowler's research

12/2015 - New class of inhibitory compounds developed to aid melanoma treatments - Featuring Daniele Piomelli's research 

12/2015 - Playing 3-D video games can boost memory formation, UCI study finds - Featuring Craig Stark's research 

11/2015 - Researchers Identify Epigenetic Key to Strengthening Memory in Aging Brains - Featuring Marcelo Wood's research 

10/2015 - ‘Love hormone’ helps produce ‘bliss molecules’ to boost pleasure of social interactions - Featuring Christine Gall's research

07/2015 - UCI neurobiologist Christie Fowler wins prestigious Avenir Award for research on nicotine addiction - Featuring Christie Fowler's research

07/2015 - The People Who Can Perfectly Remember Every Single Day of Their Lives - Featuring James L. McGaugh's research 

05/2015 - It’s Not a ‘Stream’ of Consciousness - Featuring Gregory Hickok

05/2015 - Long-term galactic cosmic ray exposure leads to dementia-like cognitive impairments - Featuring Charles Limoli's research 

04/2015 - UCI MIND redesignated as Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center - Featuring Frank LaFerla

02/2015 - Hidden gene gives hopes for improving brain function - Featuring Timothy Bredy's research

02/2015 - Human neural stem cells restore cognitive functions impaired by chemotherapy - Featuring Charles Limoli's research 

01/2015 - Crossed Wires - Featuring Larry Cahill's research 

10/2014 - UCI awarded $8 million for creation of brain cell database - Featuring Leslie Thompson's research 

12/2014 - James McGaugh awarded University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award - Featuring James L. McGaugh's research 

10/2014 - Brain inflammation dramatically disrupts memory retrieval networks, UCI study finds - Featuring Claudia Kawas' research 

09/2014 - Brain inflammation dramatically disrupts memory retrieval networks, UCI study finds - Featuring John Guzowski's research

08/2014 - Smart Reads: Gregory Hickok’s ‘The Myth of Mirror Neurons’ - Featuring Gregory Hickok

08/2014 - Three Myths About the Brain - Featuring Gregory Hickok's research

08/2014 - Environmental Enrichment May Help Treat Autism — and Help Us All - Featuring Michael Leon's research

07/2014 - Gene inhibitor, salmon fibrin restore function lost in spinal cord injury - Featuring Oswald's Steward's research

06/2014 - Learning by repetition may impair recall of details  - Featuring Michael Yassa's research 

06/2014 - UCI study finds that learning by repetition impairs recall of details - Featuring Michael Yassa's research 

05/2014 - Forget me not - Featuring James L. McGaugh's research 

04/2014 - UCI neuroscientists discover how to modify DNA that could control fear - Featuring Timothy Bredy's research

04/2014 - Cell Therapy in Mice Protects Against Alzheimer’s Changes - Featuring Frank LaFerla's research

03/2014 - UCI boosts its brainpower with top neuroscientist - Featuring Bruce McNaughton's research. 

02/2014 - Sex Differences in Research and in Medicine: 60 Minutes - Featuring Larry Cahill's research 

01/2014 - Caffeine enhances memory consolidation - Featuring Michael Yassa's research 

11/2013 - Alcino Silva puts cognitive research on its head Featuring Alcino Silva's research 

10/2013 - National Institute on Aging renews funding for UCI’s 90+ Study - Featuring Claudia Kawas' research 

10/2013 - The sounds of research - Featuring Raju Metherate's research 

08/2013 - UCI, UCLA study reveals new approach to remedying childhood visual disorders - Featuring Xiangmin Xu's research 

08/2013 - Corrupted Memory - Featuring Elizabeth Loftus' research

06/2013 - How reliable is your memory? TED talk - Featuring Elizabeth Loftus' research

05/2013 - Scientists at UCI restore long-term memory to mice - Featuring Marcelo Wood's research 

05/2013 - Enrichment therapy effective among children with autism, UCI study finds - Featuring Michael Leon's research

05/2013 - Trust your memory? Maybe you shouldn't - Featuring Elizabeth Loftus' research

04/2013 - UCI study finds novel molecular mechanism that helps trigger formation of long-term memory - Featuring Marcelo Wood's research 

03/2013 - The pre-Alzheimer's brain - Featuring Craig Stark's research

02/2013 - Plastics Chemical Bisphenol A May Harm Brain Development - Features Jorge Busciglio's research

04/2012 - Awake or Knocked Out? The Line Gets Blurrier - Featuring Michael Alkire's research

01/2012 - Memory Wizards - Featuring James L. McGaugh's research 

10/2011 - UCI combats cruel disease - Featuring Leslie Thompson's research 

07/2011 - Stem cells restore cognitive abilities impaired by brain cancer treatment - Featuring Charles Limoli's research 

05/2011 - Aging Brains have trouble remembering new information - Featuring Michael Yassa's research 

04/2011 - Studying what happens when words fail - Featuring Gregory Hickok's research

01/2011 John Guzowski named editor-in-chief of neurobiology journal

10/2016 - Could coffee reduce women's risk of dementia? - Featuring Michael Yassa's research

12/2010 - The Gift of Endless Memory: CBS 60 Minutes - Featuring James L. McGaugh's research 

08/2010 - Distinguishing ‘senior moments’ from Alzheimer’s - Featuring Craig Stark's research 

08/2010 -Breakthrough in Spinal Cord Repair - Featuring Oswald's Steward's research

08/2010 -In breakthrough, nerve connections are regenerated after spinal cord injury - Featuring Oswald's Steward's research

11/2009 - Stem cells alleviate tumor treatment side effects - Featuring Charles Limoli's research 

10/2009 - The search for consciousness - Featuring Michael Alkire's research

10/2009 - The secret to better memory - Featuring Daniele Piomelli's research 

10/2009 - Cocaine Memory - Featuring Marcelo Wood's research 

09/2009 - UCImpact: Alzheimer’s disease - Featuring Frank LaFerla's research

04/2009 - Fatty Foods May Boost Memory - Featuring Daniele Piomelli's research 

01/2009 - Institute for Brain Aging and Dementia gets new chief - Featuring Frank LaFerla's research

07/2008 - Revealed: How men and women really do have different brains - Featuring Larry Cahill's research

07/2008 - Lying: Newest trick for healthy diet - Featuring Elizabeth Loftus' research

05/2008 - Successful Aging: What The Oldest Olds Can Teach Us - Featuring Claudia Kawas' research 

04/2007 - UCLA researchers discover key to memory storage in brain; research suggests new approach to treating Alzheimer's, brain injury - Featuring Alcino Silva's research 

12/2006 - Of mice and medicine - Featuring Frank LaFerla's research

Redefining Spinal Cord Regeneration Research with Dr. Oswald StewardFeaturing Oswald's Steward's research