Our Journey

SCYNA is a youth neuroscience organization started in the summer of 2020 by a group of high school students in Southern California who are passionate about neuroscience. Since neuroscience is not an official subject taught in schools, we realized that many students often do not have exposure to the field of neuroscience and they do not realize that neuroscience is such a broad interdisciplinary field. Also, high school students who aspire to major in neuroscience related fields do not have a platform to connect or discuss neuroscience topics with peers having similar interests. So, we wanted to bridge this gap and create this forum for passionate neuroscience enthusiasts to learn and grow together.

We then discussed this idea with the UCI CNLM’s (Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory) outreach team, and SCYNA was founded. As part of the CNLM, we are excited to build and grow this organization and provide great learning opportunities for students across ages!!