Meet the Team!

Board Members

Nikhita Kaushik, Founder & President of SCYNA

Nikhita Kaushik, Founder & President

Nikhita Kaushik is a junior at Arnold O. Beckman High School in Southern California. She has been very interested in neuroscience since middle school, and enjoys understanding how the brain learns, remembers, and processes information. She is passionate about research areas that demystify the root causes of various neurodegenerative disorders and their prevention. The idea for this youth neuroscience group came from Nikhita's desire to spread neuroscience in the community, engage curious young minds, and spark a passion for scientific discovery. In addition to neuroscience, Nikhita has a deep interest in music. She plays violin and is part of her school's Chamber Orchestra, and also plays the Indian Classical violin. She is an avid reader, and loves to do calligraphy and graphic design for fun.
Diya Nadig, VP of Outreach of SCYNA

Diya Nadig, VP of Outreach

Diya Nadig is a senior at Portola High School in Irvine. Diya was first introduced to neuroscience in 9th grade and enjoys learning about various neuroscience experiments, specifically about the brain's relationship with other organs as well as progressive brain disorders. Diya’s goal is to engage the younger generation in neuroscience and spread awareness about neurodegenerative diseases throughout our community. Aside from neuroscience, Diya plays flute for the Southern California Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. She also enjoys art, dance, and lacrosse.
Anish Sasanur, VP of Events of SCYNA

Anish Sasanur, VP of Events

Anish Sasanur is a senior at Portola High School who likes to explore and look at discoveries within the fields of neuroscience as research and knowledge on the topic continues to grow. He is excited to spark a passion for neuroscience in others as well as expanding his own knowledge in it as well. Outside of neuroscience, he plays tennis as a hobby and enjoys watching detective shows, playing adventure-style video games and playing board games with friends.
Lavanya Gupta, VP of Internal Operations of SCYNA

Lavanya Gupta, VP of Internal Operations

Lavanya Gupta is a senior at Portola High School. She loves to learn about the overall organization of the brain as well as the unique vital functions of each part of the brain. She especially enjoys learning about memory and the parts of the brain that control it such as the hippocampus, cerebellum, and amygdala. Lavanya believes that creating an organization like this that reaches to younger learners would make more people interested and share a passion in neuroscience (one of the most intriguing scientific fields). In her free time, Lavanya enjoys playing basketball as well as the flute.
Ria Achutha: SCYNA Secretary

Ria Achuthan, Secretary

Ria Achuthan is a senior, currently attending Northwood High School. From a young age, she has developed a passion for science. Once she started learning about the cognitive aspects of artificial intelligence, a subject she really enjoys, she realized how closely related it is to neuroscience. Being a part of this organization allows her to study neuroscience in depth and spread it throughout the youth in the community. Aside from neuroscience, Ria is part of the tennis team at her school, plays piano, and performs Indian classical dance.
Fiona Fang, Director of Finance and Analytics of SCYNA

Fiona Fang, Director of Finance and Analytics

Fiona Fang is a junior at Arnold O. Beckman High School. She has always been incredibly intrigued in neuroscience, especially the psychology aspect of it. She loves to read and learn about the broad and rapidly growing field of neuroscience. Fiona wants to spread her fascination for neuroscience with as many other students as possible. Fiona is also very interested in finance, and data analytics, which is why she chose to be the Director of Finance and Analytics in this organization. Apart from neuroscience, Fiona has a deep passion for the arts, especially music and dance. She plays flute and piccolo in her school’s marching band and wind ensemble. She loves to spend time with friends and family and is constantly trying to learn something new.
Ashley Kwon, Director of Web Operations of SCYNA

Ashley Kwon, Director of Web Operations

Ashley Kwon is a senior at Portola High School. Ashley enjoys all aspects of neuroscience, but she's specifically interested in psychology and the effect of the brain function on emotion. Ashley is excited to engage others in neuroscience and inform the younger community about various facts and studies. Apart from neuroscience, Ashley enjoys painting, playing the flute, and watching science documentaries.

SCYNA Advisory Board

SCYNA Advisory Board Member: Manuella Yassa
SCYNA Advisory Board Member: Diana Lofflin