Dr. Bruce McNaughton awarded Multi-Campus Research Program on memory prosthetics

bruce_lethbridgeDr. Bruce McNaughton’s application to design new memory prosthetics was selected for funding as one of only two UCI Multi-Campus Research Programs and Initiatives. See the entire competition results here. Congratulations Bruce! Find out more about Dr. McNaughton’s work here.

Jim McGaugh receives the Grawemeyer Award for Psychology


CNLM Founder, Dr. James McGaugh, whose research has vastly contributed to our knowledge of the brain’s learning and memory abilities, has won the 2015 University of Louisville Grawemeyer Award for Psychology. A research professor in neurobiology & behavior and a founding UCI faculty member, McGaugh is receiving the prize for discovering that stress hormones such as epinephrine and cortisol are key to why we remember some things more vividly than others. Read more here. Read more about Dr. McGaugh’s work here.