Fellowship is by invitation only. If you are interested in becoming a Fellow of the Center, please contact the Director.

Criteria for Invitation to Fellowship

  • Scholarly activities: Maintaining regular scholarly activities in the area of learning and memory, including experimental, theoretical or historical research, publications of articles or books, teaching, or public outreach;
  • Interest: Express interest in CNLM activities and commitment to attendance of the Center’s scientific meetings and other intellectual activities;
  • Sharing: Commitment to open collaboration and open sharing of opinions, data, methods, and technology with other CNLM laboratories; and
  • Service: Commitment to serving on CNLM committees and participating in shared governance including strategic planning, faculty recruitment, initiative development, and resource allocation.

Fellowship Benefits

  • Fellows are invited to participate in the annual CNLM conference as well as other scientific activities of the Center and are encouraged to present their work.
  • Trainees in the laboratories of CNLM are invited to present research findings at the annual conference and may qualify for travel awards to defray costs of travel.
  • Fellows are invited to participate in the CNLM’s collaborative research initiatives.
  • Fellows at UCI may access the CNLM’s resources and facilities including conferencing, administrative, and logistical support. Outside UCI Fellows may request the use of conferencing facilities at UCI to hold specialized conferences related to learning and memory at no charge.
  • Fellows may list CNLM resources, scientific environment, academic and community outreach and enrichment programs in grants and other proposals.
  • Fellows’ discoveries and other academic accomplishments and honors will be publicized and highlighted in the CNLM’s various media communications.

Fellowship Duties and Responsibilities

  • Fellows must make every effort to attend the majority of the Center’s scientific meetings and other intellectual activities.
  • Fellows will be expected to acknowledge their Fellowship status by including the CNLM as a secondary affiliation on papers, proposals, press releases, and other publications related to learning and memory.
  • Fellows will commit to open collaboration and open sharing of opinions, data, methods, and technology with other CNLM laboratories.
  • Fellows must be willing to serve on CNLM committees and participate in shared governance including voting on new Fellows as well as policies and procedures;
  • When called upon by the Director, Fellows at UC Irvine should be willing to lead and participate in community outreach activities.

Alumni Network

  • Trainees of the CNLM Fellows (graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and research scientists) who move on to other institutions and/or begin their independent research careers elsewhere will be invited to join the CNLM annual meeting and other Center activities with the purpose of expanding our global alumni network.
  • At any time, if the Fellowship criteria are met, the alumnus/a can approach the director for for Fellowship.

Fellows Emeriti

  • Retired faculty who no longer maintain a research program but maintain an interest in learning and memory can still become Fellows of the CNLM or remain as Fellows if they joined the Center prior to retirement.
  • The criteria for emeriti place more emphasis on intellectual contributions and participation in CNLM activities, particularly scientific meetings, as well as mentorship of junior investigators.

Criteria for Revoking Fellowship

  • Fellowship can be revoked if a Fellow expresses lack of interest in continuing engagement with the CNLM.
  • Fellowship can be revoked due to lack of participation or engagement in CNLM activities for more than two consecutive years without reasonable explanation.