Working memory is an essential system that underlies the performance of virtually all complex cognitive activities. People differ in terms of how much information they can hold in working memory, and also, how easily they can hold that information in the face of distraction. These individual differences are related to the fact that the functioning of the working memory system is highly predictive of scholastic achievement and educational success, and in general, working memory capacity is crucial for our general ability to acquire knowledge and learn new skills. Given the relevance of working memory to daily life and educational settings, the mission of my research program lies in the development of working memory interventions with the aim that that participants not only improve their working memory skills, but also general skills that go beyond the trained domain. By means of behavioral and neuroimaging methods, I seek to understand the underlying cognitive and neural mechanisms that drive training-related changes.
Besides research on training and transfer, my lab also investigates individual differences in working memory capacity and executive control, as well as the nature of working memory limitations across the lifespan.

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Working Memory and Plasticity Laboratory

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In Press

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