Assistant Professor
Department of Neurobiology and Behavior

The lab focuses on understanding how local interneurons control cortical plasticity. We employ a combination of techniques including two-photon functional imaging, in vivo patch-clamp recordings, the transplantation of neuronal precursors, and mouse genetic tools that identify, stimulate and silence defined neural circuits. We are also developing new techniques for the visualization of long-range connections in the visual system using whole brain clearing, viral tracing and light sheet imaging.

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critical period plasticity, interneurons, visual system, neuronal transplantation, connectomics
Carey Huh - Postdoctoral Fellow - Dario Velez - Graduate Student - XiaoTing Zheng - Graduate Student - Kirstie Salinas - Graduate Student - Dhruba Banerjee - MSTP Student - Ricardo Azevedo - MSTP Student - Jack Zeitoun - Assistant Specialist -