2024 CNLM Spring Meeting


Making TIME

Temporally Integrated Memory for Events

April 25-26, 2024

Herklotz Conference Room (directions)
Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory
University of California, Irvine

Organizing Committee:
Laura Ewell, Norbert Fortin, Gary Lynch, Christine Gall, and Michael Yassa

$100 for faculty; $50 for trainees/students

Registration will first be open to CNLM Fellows and their laboratories. Early registration is encouraged.

Keynote Speaker:
Dean Buonomano, UCLA


Zahra Aghajan, Kernel
Denise Cai, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Soledad Gonzalo Cogno, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Josh Jacobs, Columbia University
Bradley Lega, University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center
Tomás Ryan, Trinity College Dublin
Kaori Takehara-Nishiuchi, University of Toronto

About the Conference:

The encoding, segmentation, storage, and recall of sequences of events in time is a key facet of episodic memory. We use such memories to organize the flow of daily experience into units that incorporate a remarkable amount of material, the recall of which allows us to re-experience the past, imagine future outcomes, and conduct orderly thinking. The 2024 CNLM Spring Conference features speakers who will address how we make temporally integrated memories for events (TIME) across a range of different levels, approaches, and model systems.

General Registration will open soon

Data Blitz Session

The program includes a data blitz session, giving graduate students and postdoctoral fellows an opportunity to briefly present their research findings. The number of data blitz presentations will be limited and will be prioritized according to registration date and also distributed to represent different labs and institutions.

Submission form will open soon.

Open Paper Session

In addition to presentations from trainees, we will have one “open paper” session that will provide faculty who are not speaking in the symposium sessions to deliver a slightly shorter 8-minute brief talk with 2 minutes for questions. No more than 10 slides are permitted in open paper sessions. Every effort will be made to accommodate all faculty interested in presenting open papers.

Submission form will open soon.

Poster Session

We invite undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and research staff to participate in the poster session. Posters will be set up in the CNLM lobby and courtyard and will promote active, informal discussions. The poster session also provides a valuable opportunity to network with colleagues.

Submission form will open soon.