CNLM Fellow Aaron Bornstein Receives Brain & Behavior Research Foundation Grant

aaron bornstein cnlmDr. Aaron Bornstein, assistant professor of cognitive science and CNLM Fellow, has received a Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (BBRF) Young Investigators Grant for research investigating relapse in substance abuse.

The Young Investigator Grants supports the innovative ideas of early career scientists that seek to identify cause, improve treatment, and develop prevention strategies for psychiatric disorders. This year, more than 150 early career investigators received over $10.3 million in funding.

Dr. Bornstein will receive $70,000 to investigate the phenomenon of relapse in substance abuse. He has observed that many patients are obsessed with “chasing the first high.” He proposes that memories of early drug experiences end up driving the decision to seek drugs, even after years of sobriety. Despite treatment, the memories remain. A shift toward understanding addiction as a memory disorder would dramatically expand the range of treatment options available.

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