Dear Colleagues,

In several of the recent forums focused on anti-Black racism, members of the BioSci community have asked thoughtful questions about our School’s hiring practices. I would like to invite interested parties to participate in a Zoom meeting on Friday June 19 from 2-4 pm where I will share the information that our faculty search committees receive about the status of diversity in BioSci, facts about implicit bias in STEM, and best practices for inclusive faculty searches. As this Equity Advisor presentation is required for all search committee members, many of the faculty have received this information over the last few years during which we have conducted >20 faculty searches in the School. However, I realized during the discussions this week that students, staff, and faculty who have not been on search committees might also be interested in this information. I encourage concerned members of the community to participate in a discussion around this presentation and to offer their suggestions and feedback on how it might be improved. Every time I give a presentation to a faculty search committee, I learn something new from its members. Interacting with a new audience will provide creative ideas and new insights that will help to improve our search practices.

Please RSVP using the button below to receive information about joining the meeting.

Aimee Edinger, VMD/PhD
Professor, Developmental and Cell Biology
Equity Advisor, School of Biological Sciences