"Going for an early morning run in El Moro Canyon is an unforgettable experience. Despite its familiarity, it somehow feels a tad different every time. The sensory barrage around each turn is a welcome change from the office setting that will occupy the rest of my day. Each point in the breathtaking landscape leaves a lasting memory, one that I myself help create as I move through the landscape. Much of our lives is spent moving and exploring in the same way, crafting experiences that are the result of our unique interactions with the world.

In the evolutionary sense, we are constantly and actively sensing our environment to learn more about it and to make decisions that promote our survival. How does the brain transform this constant sensory flow into meaningful representations that guide memory, spatial navigation, and decision-making?"

Read more in this commentary on recent work by Dr. Zahra Aghajan et al. (Theta Oscillations in the Human Medial Temporal Lobe during Real-World Ambulatory Movement)

>> Brain Rhythms: Higher-Frequency Theta Oscillations Make Sense in Moving Humans by Dr. Michael Yassa, published today in Current Biology Dispatches, a CellPress journal.