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Dismantling Anti-Black Racism on Campus and Beyond


Black Lives Matter

The scientific community has been slow to act against the many forms of anti-Blackness. Our de facto inaction has limited the participation and success of Black men and women in our fields as undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs and faculty. Even the peer review process yields differential outcomes for Black scientists. In the process, we have contributed to a pernicious myth that the capacity for science and scientific authority is white, or anything but Black...

We must recognize how our own actions contribute to the culture that allows unforgivable police brutality to persist. In the academic environment, implicit bias and microaggressions, and even explicit racism, remain rampant and consequential, contributing to the low recruitment and retention of Black scientists. The absence of a clear and systematic commitment to the mentoring and professional success of Black faculty and students also remains a significant challenge. Not talking about these challenges because it makes us uncomfortable is no longer an option. We can do better. We must do better.

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BlackinNeuro and #BlackinNeuroWeek


BlackinNeuro is an international grassroots organization dedicated to celebrating Black excellence in neuroscience and neuro-related fields. Spanning multiple countries, career stages, and research interests, the team that has come together to organize BlackinNeuro, which includes the CNLM's Angeline Dukes and Elena Dominguez, unites a diverse set of perspectives and skills. The team organized the inaugural #BlackInNeuroWeek July 27 - August 2. Connect with them on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

BlackinNeuro is creating an organization that can serve the Black In Neuro community through scholarships, meetings, and other programming. If you would like to sponsor or donate to their efforts, please click here. All donations are tax-deductible. If you’d like to be recognized as an individual donor with a contribution of $100 or more, please email the team the confirmation of your donation at BlackInNeuro@gmail.com. For donations of $500 or more, please include a logo. View current sponsors and donors here.

Discussions and Reports

The CNLM is taking action by leading a series of campus discussions on how we can improve our diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence practices and creating task forces to formulate concrete proposals to fight institutional racism on our campus and promote the success of our Black students and faculty. The links below archive the content of these discussions and ensure transparency. To join the discussion and receive copies of the task force reports, please join our #BLM mailing list.


June 9th, 2020 

Becoming Anti-Racist: A Conversation on Being a Better Advisor, Labmate, and Friend.

Presentation and Discussion by graduate students Angeline Dukes, Elena Dominguez, and UCI Professor of Pediatrics Dr. Autumn Ivy.

PDF of slides | Summary Report


June 10th, 2020

Dismantling Systemic Racism in STEM: A #ShutDownSTEM Virtual Town Hall

A campus-wide discussion focused on how we can eliminate systemic racism in STEM.

Summary Report


July 21st, 2020

Dismantling Systemic Racism: A Panel Summary and Town Hall Discussion

A webinar by an expert panel followed by a campus-wide discussion focused on the working group process and strategic planning.

PDF of slides | Working Group Guide (coming soon)

Anti-Racism Resources

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How You Can Help!

Make a Donation

If you are looking for ways to donate to nonprofits that are supporting Black lives in Orange County and beyond, here are a some reputable ones to consider.

Support Black-owned businesses

Take Action With the ACLU

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Southern California defends the fundamental rights outlined in the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These include the right to freedom of speech and assembly, the right to religious freedom, due process of law, equality before the law and the right to privacy. Click the "Take Action" tab to send messages to state and local representatives.

Join a Black Lives Matter Chapter or Start a New One

Join a local Black Lives Matter chapter. The global organization has chapters in more than a dozen U.S. cities including Los Angeles and Long Beach. Interested in starting a chapter? Here's how.

Innocence Project

Get involved with the Innocence Project. Founded in 1992 by Peter Neufeld and Barry Scheck at Cardozo School of Law, the Innocence Project exonerates the wrongly convicted through DNA testing and reforms the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice. Take a stand against wrongful convictions by joining a local organization, inviting an exoneree to speak or signing up for volunteer opportunities.

Know Your Rights Camp

Know Your Rights Camp is a free campaign founded by Colin Kaepernick to raise awareness on higher education, self empowerment and instructions on how to properly interact with law enforcement in various scenarios. Camps have been held across the country from Oakland to New York.

The Movement for Black Lives

From leadership development to a Week of Action, the Movement for Black Lives "makes it possible for us, and therefore everyone, to live healthy and fruitful lives."

My Brother's Keeper Alliance

In 2014, former President Barack Obama launched My Brother's Keeper "to address persistent opportunity gaps facing boys and young men of color and to ensure all youth can reach their full potential." Within the Obama Foundation, MBK Alliance focuses on building safe and supportive communities for boys and young men of color where they feel valued and have clear pathways to opportunity. From becoming a mentor to supporting your local MBK community, you can get involved here.

Get Involved With the NAACP

"NAACP membership makes a positive difference in the lives of Americans, and provides an opportunity to become an important part of a network of hundreds of thousands of member advocates." Here's how to get involved.

The NAACP also has a Legal Defense Fund. Donations to the fund help win landmark legal battles, protect voters across the nation, and advance the cause of racial justice, equality, and an inclusive society. Donate here.

Register to Vote

Learn how to register to vote and find the deadlines for voter registration in your state.

Recommended Books

Here is a list of recommended books and links to purchase them from Semicolon Bookstore & Gallery, Chicago's only black woman-owned bookstore.

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